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liberteenlovers's Journal

Lovers Of Matthew
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Matthew, aka The Liberteen, is commonly thought to be the greatest young talent of our time. Those in the know have tipped him to be the next poetic genius to shift our perceptions on how we view writing. He is also an unequalled talent in the new millenium of rock 'n' roll, equally adept writing biting satires on today's society and love songs full of loss and longing. It is reported that the likes of Beck, Ryan Adams and Adam Green are quaking in their overpriced boots, clinging on to their careers before the Matthew juggernaut crushes them under the weight of his sheer talent, leaving them lying limp and worthless in the rock n roll road. Our advice to you? Buy your tickets early, tell your friends and climb aboard the bandwagon before he goes massive.

Also, he's hot.